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G2G Enduro MTB Festival 2024

The G2G ENDURO MTB festival in 2024 takes us to 3 different areas…

Our first meeting on April 28th in Lesvos for the 8th LESVOS ENDURO MTB followed by the MPOUGATSA TRAILS ENDURO MTB race in Serres June 9th.

Finally, the last race of the Get2gether enduro mtb festival awaits us at the BIKE PARK of Salamis on October 27th for the SALAMINA ENDURO BIKE PARK RACE.

G2G Enduro MTB Festival

A few kilometers and a bit of luck lies between you and a bike park.

As you all know, bike parks offer a huge variety of trails from easy to technical dirt tracks. Most of the trails are accessible by lift or by pedaling the bikes, depending on your mood…

We’re sure you’re asking what all this introduction is for and how it ties in with the G2G races!!!n

Well, 3 of the friends who will pre-register for all 3 races of the Get2gether Enduro MTB Festival, will win, after a draw, 2 nights with breakfast and 2 days of lifts at the best BIKE PARK in Bulgaria in BOROVETS!!! There, as you can imagine, alpine-type landscapes that are kept green and fresh even in the summer are waiting for you..

Borovets bike park

The bike park station is in a privileged location right in front of the Musala peak (2,925 meters) which is the highest in all the Balkans. It is a park, which has more than 20 kilometers of route divided into 11 marked paths and a number of alternative paths.

In just 12 minutes the lift transports you and your bike to the highest point from where you will roll on technical trails with wooden structures, roots and berms.

bike park borovets

Once you get off your bike at the station, you can take the liftback and repeat the ride as many times as you like, or take a different path.

If this all sounds good to you, then you can pre-register now at the link below to get on the list for the draw.

And of course, live a few days with us in Lesvos, Serres and Salamina and feel the competitive intensity and the real hospitality that we will offer you at the G2G races!

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