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Lesvos Ride offers you individual mountain bike lessons helping you to improve your knowledge so you can enjoy riding through the mountains with great safety. These lessons are aimed to all ages, to trekkers who want to try their first cycling steps (level 1), but also to whoever has already had a go at riding a mountain bike and wants to gain more knowledge (level 2). Lesvos Ride aims to enable either individually or with friends and family to be able to experience the beauty of our island safely, exercising your body at the same time as entertaining yourself the way a bike can.

Ride with us and make mountain biking fun…

Level 1

Get level one with us!

We aim to give beginners the basic knowledge needed to mountain bike so you can ride through mountainous roads and easy paths. You can always choose the lesson that suits your needs as each lessons is tailored in line with the individuals abilities and needs.There is no need to have any previous experience.

All you really need is to be able to ride a bike. Each trainee will be constantly evaluated accordingly, and their training will be tailored according to their skills. What you will learn is how to have the right posture on the bike, how to use the brakes and how to control speed correctly and choose the right gear according to the topography and the techniques needed to ascend and descend and any natural obstacles.

For the lessons, you need a well-maintained bike with tires appropriate for mountain riding for greater entertainment and safety, and the ideal would be to have a bike with front suspension according to the topography.

Level 2

Get level two with us!

Level 2 aims at people who already have the basic knowledge of mountain biking to develop and teach riding techniques, which will allow you to ride on more difficult paths with greater control and safety. While riding along paths your trainer will evaluate your skills during the lesson and at the same time will show, repeat and correct your riding techniques, therefore, improve your knowledge.

The right choice of gear, riding on berm, the line of choice will ascending and descending, how to overtake obstacles with bunny hops and how to approach drops is what will give us an excellent ride and will offer duration and pleasure in your everyday ride.

We offer individual or group lessons along paths, which have been checked from experienced colleagues, therefore, they offer safe and cycling satisfactions to all participants.

A well-maintained bicycle with front suspension, helmet and gloves offers you endless hours of joy and freedom. Riding a mountain bike with us becomes a game giving value to your ride!!!

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