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Lesvos Ride

Lesvos Ride specializes in bicycle tourism and more bike activities. We offer complete bike tourism packages, bike guided tours by experienced guides, rental of top quality mountain bikes, personal mountain bike courses from a

Certified Cycling Trainer (MIAS L2 Mountain Bike Leader), perfection of mountain bike technics or safe biking seminars and also organisation of bike events and races.

The members of Lesvos Ride have more than 15 years of experience in mountain bike and they promise to guide you with safety to the nature trails of Lesvos Island.

Lesvos Ride

Our history

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They said about us!
Dimitris S.

Titos and Julia are two people who love cycling and having adventures on the mountain. They have a great experience on what they do and offer mountain bike lessons, so you can enjoy and level up your skills and follow the trails of Lesvos Island that you definitely have to ride! I did it once and I loved it! Of course I will visit Lesvos again to level up my skills and have fun with them!

Benjamin V.

Amazing guide. Super friendly people. Great trails and amazing service. Fantastic!

Archontis K.

Smile, deep knowledge of the object and environment. Excellent experience!

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