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This is a route that combines biking and hiking.

The springs that, the old days, their water gave power to the watermills are hidden deep in the Ligonas canyon. The plane tree forest is impressive lying on the slopes of the canyon along with lava formations due to volcanic activity which formed the area millions of years ago. The route towards Molyvos and Petra is easy for the experienced off road bikers and challenging to the ones who wish to try it. The view from the Molyvos castle is breathtaking and biking in the paved streets of Molyvos is magical.

The difficulty level of the route can be described as medium and runs mostly uphill on trails and paved streets.

What is included:
  • Bikes suitable for any kind of rider and ground.
  • Guides with great experience and tremendous passion for cycling.
  • Break with traditional flavors.
  • Helmet and water tank.
  • Pedals suitable for the type of shoe you use.
  • Excellent stay in selected hotels. *
  • Support car during the ride. **

All routes can be customized according to your preference. Contact us to organize some of the suggested routes with you or create a new one.


80€ per person

10 photos


50€ per person

20 photos


40€ per person

30 photos

Groups of more than 10 are accompanied by a second driver.
* Applies only to bicycle packages that include accommodation.
** Support car is provided if the needs of the group require it.

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