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Why not dare go on a mountain bike tour carried out by experienced cycling guides giving you the opportunity to get to know Lesvos in an alternative and ecological way. Live to the limit choosing easy, medium or difficult routes and the island’s beauty will take you out of this world.

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    If a bike does not only represent a means of transport and entertainment but a way of exercising, Lesvos Ride’s racing team is here to prepare you for any aim and intention you want.
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    For anyone who wants to improve their performance but does not have the time to train, intense camps at Lesvos Ride guarantee great improvement in very little time.

Discover the secrets of Lesvos with us!Guided Bike tours & rides

Cycling around the bay of Gera

Cycling around the bay of Gera

An easy but impressive route overlooking…

Kallonis flamingo route

Kallonis flamingo route

The gulf of Kalloni has a lot of hidden …

The river cross to Olympus

The river cross to Olympus

This route guides us around Olympus moun…

Under the arcades of the Roman Aqueduct

Under the arcades of the Roman Aqueduct

This specific route passes through endle…

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I had a great time on my tours with you. I went to places i would never have found if i hadn't been with you guys. I will certainly do this again when I'm there next time. I hope things are going well for you guys. Best wishes for the future.


That’s really nice of you to provide us your photos. Thank you very much. I still remember with joy our ride through the Lesvos mountains. When Regina and I ride through the German woods, we often say “and now the Tito style!” to indicate that it is not possible what we are going to do next: to ride over a big stone or downhill a steep path.


Thanks for three fantastic trips and showing the best of Lesvos - really great riding and really great bikes!

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