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2nd Molyvos Urban MTB Race Registrations

Titos Chatzelis by

The registrations for the 2nd Molyvos Urban MTB Race have started. You can find the registration form HERE and of course, if you wish, you can visit the bike stores Anagno Cycles, Karantonis Bikes, Moto Planet and Simandiris Cycling where you can find the registration forms to fill. The ones that will register before the 21 May 2015 will benefit from a discount.


3rd Enduro MTB Race Kalloni

Spiros Pavlis by

On Sunday 3 May 2015, the 3rd Enduro MTB Race was successfully performed in Kalloni. Lesvos Ride was there with two participations and one award for Titos Hatzelis who achieved the 3rd place in the category of veterans. Spiros Pavlis was there to take photos and create a video which you can watch here.


2nd Molyvos Urban MTB Race

Titos Chatzelis by

The 2nd Molyvos MTB Race, an event which was initiated by the members of Lesvos Ride in 2014, will take place this year more organized in order to raise to the top the level of cycling in Lesvos Island.
A co-organisation between the Municipality of Lesvos and the Molyvos Tourism Association in collaboration with Lesvos Ride, the 2nd Molyvos Urban MTB Race will be the debut of the summer events on the island, on 24 May 2015.
Find more detailed information for the race in Greek and English here: 2nd Molyvos Urban MTB Race
And also in our website and in our page LesvosRide in Facebook.

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