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2nd Loutra MTB Race

Titos Chatzelis by

Next Sunday on the 25th of September 2016 the 2nd mountain bike Lesvos Ride Grand Prix is going to be completed. The final curtain will fall at the picturesque village of Loutra among old stone paths, rivers, challenging single tracks, traditional coffee shops, flower blooming house yards and of course a......very hot audience.
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3rd Molyvos Urban MTB Race - Results

Titos Chatzelis by

We enjoyed an amazing weekend in Molyvos with bikers racing in every corner of the village! On Saturday, our young friends, aged from 6 to 13, filled with joy and laughter the small pine forest in Molyvos and gave an optimistic message for the future of cycling. On Sunday the experienced bikers gave their best to finish the big route all over Molyvos even though there was heavy rain in the last lap! After the end of the race the rain stopped and the winners climbed the winners' podium! Find HERE the results of the 3rd Molyvos Urban MTB Race. The Lesvos Ride Grand Prix 2016 has just started...

You can find photos of the race in our page on facebook.


National Cycling day 2016

Spiros Pavlis by

Lesvos Ride supports cycling and the domestic quality of life which is one of the reasons it is always participating in the National Cycling day organised every year also in Mytilene from 2011. Some of our demands are the creation of cycle lanes and respecting bikers. Our goals are to develop a driving education as also to bring the new generation closer to the cycling culture and activities.


Lesvos mountain Running + Trail + Walk

Titos Chatzelis by

On May 25th 2016 at 16:00 get ready for the start of Lesvos mountain Running + Trail + Walk at the 1st canteen after the airport of Mitilini and next to the sea!
The big route of "Trail" will start first, the athletes will have the chance to go through trails and forest tracks until the top of Amali hill and then return to the starting point.

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