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Every year, around the Easter holidays, we organize an enduro race named LESVOS ENDURO MTB.


Last year since it took place on the Amali mountain above the city airport we named it " LESVOS ENDURO MTB AMALI".

This year the race will be held on the 8th and the 9th of April 2017 at the Agiasos village. Agiasos is one of the biggest villages of the island, built 27 km away from the capital, perched on the northeast side of mt Olympus at an altitude of 475 m. Around Agiasos plenty paths climb all the way to the top at the 967m.

The 2.500 inhabitants are mainly producing olive oil but also having a multifaceted creativity they developed many ceramic and woodcarving centres creating traditional objects for domestic and decorative use. The slopes around the village are covered by olive trees along with chestnuts, walnuts, apple trees, pines, cherry trees creating a paradise οn earth. Through the plenty cobblestone paths we reach places with magical views and various shades of green, brown and orange.

The village maintains its traditional urban architecture character with absent or minimal courtyards therefore with the most green balconies somebody has ever seen.
You can find more information about Agiasos at www.agiasos.gr At this unique place the 2nd LESVOS ENDURO MTB AGIASOS will take place.

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