Results of the 1st Theofrasteio TRAIL

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Results of the 1st Theofrasteio TRAIL Results of the 1st Theofrasteio TRAIL LESVOS RIDE

Agiasos with the well preserved trails and the wonderful nature hosted one of the 3 mountain running races of Mountain Running Trail series.

The 1st Theofrasteio Trail ended. The organizer, Anagnostirio of Agiasos with cultural and now sports concerns, Lesvos Ride that was responsible for technical support, always helper Greek Rescue Team, the children of Agiasos and all volunteers gave their best for the best possible result.

Probably we did because the protagonists - athletes left with excellent impressions.

More photos from the Theofrasteio TRAIL you will find at our page on FACEBOOK CLICK HERE!
(does not require facebook account to just see the photos)

By the next mountain road event wish you happy and fun workouts.

Until we meet again!

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