Xtreme MTB days is coming!

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Xtreme MTB days is coming! Xtreme MTB days is coming! LESVOS RIDE Featured

In a few weeks the "extreme mtb days", which we all have been waiting, will be ready to welcome the friends of mountain biking and hiking as well...

At the 28th, 29th and 30th of October 2016 the Eresos landscape will reveal its wild beauty.

The best way to say farewell to summer, due to the time change, and welcome winter.

The action for the bikers starts at the 28th of October at 12:00 with a nice ride in the valley of Eresos and on the hills nearby.

After we get settled in our rooms, at 12:00 from Eresos square, we will be ready to explore paths towards Porto, the dam, the monastery and we will return back through unknown paths to Skala.

The second day, at the 29th, the lesvos ride vehicle will take us to the petrified forest park where we will bike among those rare monuments of geological heritage before we continue to Tsihlionta beach and finally at Sigri. If the weather permits us we will visit Nisiopi, the island opposite Sigri where we will learn what happened millions of years ago, from the museum experts.

On the 30th of October we will begin our day at 9:00 and the lesvos ride car will take us to the Ypsilo monastery where we will ride for the first time on paths and single tracks, no one has ever ridden before, until the village of Eresos. From there we will continue to the Saint Elias chapel where the view is magnificent and we will ride back to the Eresos beach.

The bikers are not the only ones who will have a great time. Their friends and family can join the hiking routes with good friends full of Eresos colors and scents.

Friday and Saturday night we will all exchange memories, bikers and hikers, over a glass of wine and local "meze".

The prices for the hotels are 10 – 15 euros per person per night, 10 euros per dinner per person, 20 euros for the museums and 10 euros per day per person for the lesvos ride services.

For the hikers the costs for the rooms, food and museums are the same. They just have to go to the museums by their own means of transportation.

Please make sure to register before the 20th of October in order to give time to the hotel managers to be prepared since the hotels are already closed.

Contact us on 6980681184 or

Mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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