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Xtreme MTB days

Titos Chatzelis Written by 

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3 Xtreme enduro MTB adventure days 3 Xtreme enduro MTB adventure days LESVOS RIDE Featured

A lot of us have forgotten how we felt back to our first biking days when we experienced the joy of discovering new paths which led us to unknown places on the mountains...

Rivers with huge plantern trees, small churches lost in the woods, rocky hillsides, endless olive groves, beautiful pine and chestnut woods, stone paths on which "life" used to walk at the old days and of course unlimited kilometers of single tracks ready to be tested.

After 20 years of mountain biking on Lesvos mountains, we now start a new series of discoveries, a new series of creating emotions and images. It is time for the young bikers to experience the early days of mountain biking in Lesvos and the old ones to feel at least 20 years younger!!!!

On the 28th, 29th and 30th of October the Eressos Tourism Association and Lesvos Ride invites (each and everyone of us) all to a three-day Xtreme bike event in order to feel the unique nature and the tough, bare territory of the Petrified Forest, the way the inhabitants feel and see it everyday for hundreds years now.

3 Xtreme enduro mtb adventure days, 3 Xtreme challenging routes full of intensity and discoveries where the emotions are going to be plenty and different for everyone. But in the end the smile of joy and success will be drawn in every face. One xtreme day on entirely new paths, one adventure day full of challenges and one surprise day at the Sigri Geopark.!!!!!!

Family and friends who will accompany the bikers can join in the programmed hiking tours to feel and enjoy the autumn nature of Eresos.

At the end of everyday, we will discuss what we experienced over a table full of local food like only the people of Eressos know how to offer.

The amount of the participants are maximum 20 and minimum 10 for the event to take place. If somebody cannot be there for the full three days, he is very much welcome to take part only two days depending on the availability.

Lesvos ride has made the best possible choises for accommodation and food. So your only decision should be your participation or not.

Whoever is interested in more information and registration, please mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 0030 6980681184.