Enduro MTB Festival Get2Gether!



This year we want to thank our bikers-friends that trusted us the previous years and they chose to take part to our races, by announcing the launching of a new enduro race series based on the LESVOS ENDURO MTB model.

For the first time at 2019 we made an effort to combine two parts of our country. The first get2gether enduro mtb took place at the medieval castle village of Tholopotami at Chios island and at Lesvos island at the famous and also medieval village of Molyvos.

Guess what ........ 2020 brings 2gether two countries !!!!!!!!

Therefore under the name of "get2gether ENDURO MTB festival" we co-operate with people having the same passion for enduro mtb with us and we announce the races that will take place at the:

We thank all of you for your participation to our races all those years and now that we are growing, we are planning to enrich your experiences by letting you be the center of our focus for this year also.

Those who want to participate to all G2G races with a discount please click here: Click here to register

For more information and registration for each race please click each festival below or feel free to contact us...

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Contact Hours

Monday through Friday: 9am - 9pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday: all day riding!