Lesvos Ride TOURS - DOWN OLYMPOS 2016 3rd Edition

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Starts on 3rd June - Ends on 5th June 2016

For the third consecutive year in Turkey, at mount Olympus of Antalya, bikers will have the chance to enjoy one more Enduro MTB race. Big biking companies support this race which means it will be a guaranty for the good organisation of the race.
Their vision is to organise an international race with participants coming from all over the world and this is possible since the mountain is 2200meters high and suitable for this type of race.

Since we support and love mountain biking and adventure holidays we want to organise a trip to Turkey and be present at the race.
For all those who want to try their limits in another country, they can contact us so that we can share more details and experience this trip together.
We are going to be there and watch the world from 2200meters! It is a stunning altitude and a great challenge for the bikers who want to try it!
The package includes the transportation of the bikers and their companions from Greece to Antalya and also the transportation of their bike, two overnight stays in a 5star hotel including all meals and the participation cost for the race.
The price of the package will depend on the number of participants and the participation form will be available for all until the 20th May. When we receive all the applications we will determine the final cost of the package. You can sign up for the trip HERE.
If you have any questions you can call : 6980681184 - Titos Hatzelis or you can send us an email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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