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Our concept - to experience authentic Lesvos

We - Sabine and Dirk - have spent a lot of time on Lesvos and now live here. Through our registered company, Lesbos-Travel, we would like to show "our" island to interested travelers of any age.

The island of Lesvos has many facets: rocky desert landscapes in the west, mountain regions with peaks up to 1000 meters, a coastline with beautiful bays and long sandy beaches with crystal clear water, hot curative springs, large forest regions, 11 million olive trees, natural flora and fauna, waterfalls with lots of water even during the summer, charming small towns and mountain villages, art and culture, ancient temples and monuments, museums, ouzo distilleries, and more. This list is long and shows clearly that Lesvos is never boring.

The options for enjoying food and drink are extensive - with wonderful local fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, prepared for you at cafes, ouzeries, simple tavernas and restaurants. We have experienced authentic Greek hospitality on this island - and we appreciate it. We visited many places as a guest and left as a friend.

Lesvos has a tourism infrastructure, although still in a modest way. There are many atmosheric fishing villages around the island (eg Skala Polichnitou, Skala Eressou, Plomari, Kalloni) which welcome tourists to share their ambience, whilst getting on with their own day to day occupations, or staring out to sea over a coffee or ouzo. In the north, particularly in Molivos and Petra, you will see more tourists strolling around, enjoying their summer holidays, staying in small hotels, villas and houses. The style of these costal villages is still traditional, but luckily, many areas of the island have no tourists at all - beautiful, authentic and untouched.

Lesbos-Travel promotes individual and sustainable tourism on Lesvos. We would like to give you the chance to experience the island extensively - on your own with our support, or together with us. There are various possibilities: guided mountain bike or hiking tours, countryside and herbal walks, boat trips to hidden beaches with swimming and BBQs on the beach, cooking classes, exploring temples, churches and monasteries, going to the picturesque villages of the island, visiting the museums and so on.

Sometimes it may be sufficient just to get advice from us, such as where to find a stunning beach, or an amazing place to have dinner.

We offer handpicked rooms and private accommodation in many beautiful inland and coastal villages of the island. Our focus is on the quieter, less touristy areas. All accommodation is selected by us and we regularly visit the places to make sure that we are happy with their standards.

Lesbos-Travel will create an individual programme, tailored to suit you, to make your holiday here an unforgettable experience. We will help you see the island through our eyes, participating and benefiting from our knowledge.

NB: What we offer is personal and authentic, not driven by the "big profit" tourism industry. Neither are we experts in web design. We know and love the island of Lesvos. Our aim is to share this love with you, our customers. We are convinced that is what makes the difference !


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