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Welcome to Pandora Travel! My name is Sigrid van der Zee and I love to welcome you to 'my' island - Lesvos.
In 2000 I traded my native Netherlands for Greece. After much deliberation I put an end to my career in journalism, sold my house and possessions and travelled by minibus to Lesvos. An uncertain adventure - I had no idea how I was going to earn a living on my dream island. I eventually became clerk, fisherman, olive picker, bar tender, waitress, hot spring administrator, mother, wife, author of hiking guides, tour leader and guide. Since the spring of 2013, I am now the founder and owner of Pandora Travel.

Pandora Travel is housed in a former kafenion in Lisvori, a village in the south of Lesvos, next to the house where I live with my Greek husband Mitsos and son Nikolas. Mitsos earns a living as a farmer and fisherman.

The scenery on Lesvos is never boring. The diversity is unparalleled and the island is so big that I still manage to find myself somewhere where I have never been before. And every time I get carried away by the beauty and tranquility. The island has no mass tourism: the main domestic products are olive oil, dairy, fish and ouzo.

Pandora (Πανδώρα) means both 'bearer of all the gifts' as well as 'gifted'. In mythology, Pandora was the first woman, who was formed out of water and earth by Hephaestus. Pandora carried a box with her; its contents brought little happiness. But Pandora Travel's box is filled with all the gifts of the beautiful island of Lesvos and her gifted guides.

My ambition is clear: I want to give a look behind the scenes of this beautiful island. Something a little different from the usual travel program.
Leisure and theme holidays for small groups of people, such as nature tours through the fascinating landscape by jeep, hiking and 'shopping' in nature (a Greek never walks without a shopping list), Greek cooking and horseback riding through the mountains. And do you have an idea yourself? A special wish for something you want to do? I can help you with the organization of a tailor-made tour! I work with the most talented guides in Lesvos, both Greek and international.

Book a tour or theme holiday online or contact us with all your questions!


Pandora Travel
In the main street (Agora) of Lisvori
813 00, Lesvos, Greece

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Monday through Friday: 9am - 9pm
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