Votsala Hotel

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Vostala Concept:

Some years ago we have been asked by the Greek authorities to answer a questionaire. Here is a small taste of it:

- Do you have a swimming pool? ...you get 300 points if you offer it.
- We are right on the beach, why do we need a swimming pool!
- Sorry our question concerns the pool not the sea. "Do you have a swimming pool?"
- Hmm, no but we have the Aegean Sea ...
- Zero points, next question: "Do you have a Greek Tavern in the hotel?
- We provide dinner twice a week and lunch everyday except Sunday.
- This means you don't offer a real restaurant. Zero points!
- ...but why, there are real Greek taverns at the nearby fishing port, why keep our guests far from the Greek reality? If they do not like to eat together with Greeks and what the Greeks eat why are they here?
- I understand you have no Disco... Zero points!
- Wrong! Our guest give us1000 points for this and we are proud of not offering all this rubbish just to keep your bureaucracy satisfied! Sorry Sir, but your criteria are not the same as our criteria, we will go on as we like and it is our guests who will decide who is wrong and who is right!

Iannis & Daphne

GR-81100 Lesvos, Greece
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Monday through Friday: 9am - 9pm
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